Mthimkulu Stimulation Centre for disabled children in Soweto, South Africa

Mthimkhulu today

Mthimkhulu Stimulation Centre for Disabled Children is a non-profit organization, formally set up early in 1999. The organisation’s objectives are to foster, promote, encourage, advance and develop child care services for disabled children. Its operation is monitored on an ongoing basis by the Gauteng Department of Health. The Centre takes care of 25 mentally disabled children. There is a strong demand to take in more children, but the lack of space inhibits further growth of the service.

Most of the children at the Centre have sever cerebral palsy causing their muscles to stiffen up tremendously. The Caregivers provide a caring, stimulating environment, where they help to make the children as comfortable as possible with the aim of strengthened their little bodies and helping them live with their disabilities. A trained physiotherapist visits the centre once a month, and each child has a daily activity card (for example, ‘Encourage Pearl to stand at the table and play with her blocks’.) In this way, it allows for the whole family to live a normal life, where the father and/or mother may work and the other children do not have the adult responsibility of caring full time for a sibling.

In 2006 the organisation moved into its current premises, a house in Meadowlands, from where it hopes to expand its services into the greater Soweto area. Mthimkhulu is responsible for the payment of service charges and the maintenance of the property.

There are 13 dedicated staff members taking care of the children. X trained therapists.