Mthimkulu Stimulation Centre for disabled children in Soweto, South Africa

Inspirational quotes and photos


  • Siyanda loves snack time. Lollipops are her best thing of all. She is a very active child who enjoys playing.
  • Nkanyiso likes to laugh a lot, but his laughter sounds the same as his crying. He likes sweet foods like custard and jelly.
  • Ofentse loves shoes. She takes the other children's shoes and plays with them. She also likes sweets and custards.
  • Khumbuzile is a creative child. She loves music and dancing. She also likes to draw and paint.
  • Tshegofatso is a chatter box. He talks a lot even if he says the same phrases over and over...
  • I have no speech, and can’t walk, but I can take myself to the loo by crawling and am trained in daily living. After waiting many years for approval, I started receiving a disability grant in 2006. I stay with my mother, who is unemployed.
  • I can sit with support, and can use my right hand. I can talk a little now, I can call names. My mother died a few years ago and I now stay with Leah and Sam at their home, because my grandmother is too old to look after me.
  • I have severe spastic quadriplegia and epilepsy. I have no speech, cannot walk, and have to sit with support. I need full-time care. During the week, I stay over at the centre. My mother is a nurse, and I am her only child. My father has died.
  • I respond to touch and speech, and I can almost tie my shoelaces.